We Believe that Learning is Meant to be FUN!

Just as a pre-packaged product is not the ONLY way to cook a dish, nor the ONLY dish we should consume, we cannot continue to think about a pre-packaged standard of intelligence to which we all aspire.

If we all ate the same foods—particularly if they were not our favorites—day in and day out for years, we would most certainly lose our desire to eat.

Our goal for Kidzmet is to give parents and teachers our recommendations with respect to various “recipes for success” to help them cultivate an appetite for learning and a zest for life in our kids by using strategies that celebrates and embraces their unique spirits and strengths.

As parents and teachers, we know that most adults strive to provide well-rounded lives to the next generation & inspire a love of learning in our kids. But between juggling busy careers, hectic family schedules, and Common Core requirements, it’s tough to find the time to discover HOW to play to each unique child’s learning strengths—particularly when there’s often a dissonance between how your child is uniquely wired to learn versus how a child’s teacher or their parents naturally teach and/or come at concept understanding.

We’re tremendously excited to have created a site that:

  1. gives parents Lifetime GPS (Guided by Passions and Strengths) for their kids, which can inspire, engage and motivate their kids in the near term…not to mention help kids discover passions that may lead them down a career path;
  2. helps teachers quickly understand the unique learning needs and strengths of both individual learners and their class mix, leading to better teacher/student connections, faster learning, and more engaged learners; and, most importantly,
  3. helps our kids recognize that there are myriad ways to be smart…and that they not only are intelligent in their own unique way, but they (along with each and every one of their friends and classmates!) have something valuable to contribute to society…regardless of what the standardized tests or the grades on their report cards may say.

Unlock Each Child’s Learning Potential

Since 2010, tens of thousands of parents and teachers have come to Kidzmet for help understanding how they can make learning more FUN for kids. Whether your kids and/or students need extra help with a learning difference, get bored because school’s too slow, or excel in subjects that get little attention during the school day, Kidzmet is here to help.

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Kidzmet’s proprietary Learning GPS (Guided by Passions and Strengths) has already helped tens of thousands of parents, homeschoolers, and teachers map their kids’ or students’ unique paths to success. So much that we’ve been honored with some pretty stellar awards from big parent and teacher associations. We’d love to help you, too!

Kidzmet is for everyone that interacts with kids in their lives…

During our childhoods, as many of us have experienced, the people who made the biggest impact on our young lives were the people who seemed to intuitively know how to motivate us. By using Kidzmet with your students you get a “crib sheet” of tailor-made tactics to connect faster, tailor lessons, and inspire each of your learners. Eighty-nine of the top Fortune 100 companies train their employees in the nuances of personality type. Why not bring similar insights to your work?

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