Our Mission

To help parents, teachers, tutors & coaches give the next generation “Lifetime GPS” (Guided by Passions and Strengths).

As parents, we know that moms and dads strive to provide well-rounded lives to our children and develop in them an appetite for learning—especially now that we need to fill the subject gaps in public school curricula that have been “left behind” by state budget cuts. We also intuitively know that WHO our kids are will impact HOW they prefer to learn.

Kidzmet acts as a Lifetime GPS (Guided by Passions and Strengths) to ensure that teachers and parents have the tools to develop and embrace the next generation’s unique strengths and spirits.

Kidzmet History

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Our Founder

Jen Lilienstein completed her undergraduate senior thesis in 1994 on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence and its effect on self-esteem, attendance rates and love of learning. Post graduation, she continued to feed her passion for non-traditional education with various positions. Her enthusiasm for honoring all types of learners compelled her to launched Kidzmet in early 2010.

At home, Jen is Mom to an extraverted, intuitive daughter who has a passion for the arts and also an introverted-sensing son who is enthralled with nature and engineering.

Should you need a guest blogger to talk parenting and education or a speaker for an upcoming conference or education event, we would love to help the parents in your community leverage the power of personality type! Just email Jen with what you’re looking for in a piece or event. We look forward to working with you!

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