One of my former colleagues recently posted this in our Facebook group. We used to use this technique to get our creative juices flowing vis-à-vis product development and corporate strategy in the educational software world.Could 5-15 reports be used successfully by students and teachers in the classroom?

I’m still a believer that the seeds of great ideas often come from places you wouldn’t expect. And, even though many of the recommendations were recycled time and again, there were nuggets that shone brightly with a little bit of polish.

Re-reading it, I couldn’t help but think…what if teachers used this technique with students in the classroom one or two times per quarter? What kinds of insights would school leaders get as to what’s working—and what’s not with regard to how we’re educating our kids? What if we took it a step further and discussed student insights and recommendations in our weekly grade level team meetings?

5-15 Reports :: Learning from our Students