Is your child struggling to grasp information whenever they read? Do they have difficulty remembering things that they write on their notebooks? Do they find it easy to follow a teacher’s lecture when they listen to him or her? If your answer to all these is YES; then your child might be an auditory learner.

Auditory learners comprehend better when they hear things. Compared to visual learning, this type of learning style is not so common. It is important for parents to identify your child’s learning style and find ways to leverage this and make the most of their study time.

Here are some tips for auditory learners:

1. Visit your teachers
After classes, encourage your child to visit their teachers. They can have more opportunity to talk to the teacher. Tell them to try to use this time and talk to them about the class, the lessons they don’t understand and ask for other relevant materials they can use for studying.

2. Join study groups
Auditory learners do best when they hear other people talk to them and explain new information. If your child joins study groups or peer studies, they can interact with people and listen while they interpret the lesson. However, as a parent, it’s your job to make sure to cross check if the information you learn from study group is accurate.

3. Record the lectures
If note-taking is not effective, the child can record the lectures. Some classes do allow tablets for learning or even a small tape recorder which can be used by the child to record the teacher’s lectures. You may ask your child’s teacher if he/she allows recording of lectures.

4. Word Association
When your kids need to memorize some terms and definitions, try the “Word Association” technique. Your child can associate some terms with rhymes or songs. This aids memorization and learning.

5. Speak while studying
If your child is an auditory learner, they need to hear themselves think. Talking to themselves is useful for them to retain the information. Encourage them to study in a quiet place where they can voice out and memorize their school notes before the exam.

Try a few of the study tips above to see which works best for you!

About the Author
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5 Useful Study Tips for Auditory Learners