Use your child’s gifts for observation and analysis and use your backyard or nearby park as a math & science lab. One way Deborah Churchman of American Forests suggests is to mix overripe fruit and honey in a blender, then go outside at sunset and spread the mixture on a few trees.

Go back with a flashlight with your child when it’s dark and see what creatures are feasting on your backyard banquet.

Try it with a different combination of fruit and sweetener (agave nectar, sugar, molasses) on a different night.

Which one attracted more bugs? Were certain insects drawn to one more than the other?

Did your child enjoy this activity?
Let ’em get a closer look with the Bug Biter live insect catch-and-release trapper. Simply place the see-through bug chamber over a bug and pull the lever to catch anything that moves. Watch the Bug Biter’s mondo mandibles “chew” as you safely and humanely capture your bug! Great for moms who don’t like bugs, or bug-hunting kids who love them.
Backyard Bug Banquet
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