Set a goal to help restore butterfly migration routes in your town by planting a butterfly garden with native plants or seeds. Research the best options to provide nectar, roosting, or food for caterpillars that migrate through your area. After you’ve planted the seeds, be sure to mulch your butterfly garden to keep it moist longer with less water.

Keep graph paper and pencil by a window from which you can see the garden and track which plants are most popular with the butterflies and which ones are most popular with the caterpillars so that you know what to plant more of next year.

If it’s in a place that’s visible to neighbors, have your child post a sign using foam core board, a bamboo stake and markers that let your neighbors know that your new garden bed is a butterfly haven and what’s been planted to help make a difference for your floating friends. Maybe your child will inspire others in your area to do the same!


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