With October starting this weekend, many of the topics of conversation in our house have started to orbit around Halloween. What should we wear? How are we going to decorate? When can we get a pumpkin? Which neighborhoods are we going to visit?

This year, our family’s got some great idea fodder to use as jumping off points–or just to replicate–from some fabulous Pinterest pins and boards that include incredibly creative ideas like these (click each image below to view more). And we plan to re-pin more that focus on crafts that are easy and that “recycle” stuff for crafts before it officially hits the recycling bin.

Our many, many thanks to the incredibly creative folks who pinned (or re-pinned) these crafts for the rest of usĀ to show off to our friends and neighbors!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

pumpkin cake

Cute “Creepy Crafty”