teacher student fit evaluationsJust as a seed needs to first grow roots, then develop a shoot, then a bud before becoming a flower, introductions to new pursuits for children need to be approached in a similar way. Kidzmet members use our teacher student fit evaluations in three key ways:

  • Parents often put their child as the main profile in their member dashboard and use the student profiles to evaluate the fit of potential tutors, enrichment teachers, or coaches.
  • Teachers and/or tutors put themselves as the main profile in their member dashboard and profile all of their students to identify where they may need to modify their teaching approach.
  • Homeschoolers put themselves as the main profile on the account and profile their children as students so that they can easily see with which kids they need to modify their curriculum selections.

Here’s how you’ll see the “fit types” defined on Kidzmet…

Natural fit :: a compatible personality type, matching cognitive style and many parallel interests and strengths make this a comfortable teacher-student relationship from the outset where the teacher and student intuitively connect.

Complement fit :: this teacher is compatible with the student on many levels, but different enough to be able to stretch the student’s understanding of the world and what makes other individuals tick. A good way to discover new passions and ways to learn.

Growth fit :: while not an intuitive fit, when both students and teachers are aware of each other’s “ingredients” (e.g. personality, interests and learning style), they can learn to adapt to create a relationship built on mutual understanding. An incredibly valuable match because the student has the opportunity to learn how to interact in a positive way with colleagues and family members that share this personality type.

Kidzmet’s Teacher Student Fit Evaluations