Milton-Bradley Simon GameDo you remember the old My Simon game that was a family favorite back when we were kids? (Need a memory jog? Play the video at the bottom of this post.) Update that concept with Kine-Simon for some active family fun that tests your memory muscles as well as your physical ones.

To play…
 Pick a game leader
 Have the leader decide on four movements that everyone playing can perform (e.g. clap, jump, spin, squat)
 Leader makes one movement & players repeat
 Then, the leader adds a second movement & players repeat
 Play continues at an increasingly rapid & lengthy pace
 If a player gets the sequence wrong, they are OUT
 The last player remaining gets to be the leader the next time

Make the game more challenging based on your family’s physical abilities and rhythmic (musical) acumen with more challenging movements; stretched out holds (e.g. touch your toes for 3 seconds, followed by 3 second tree pose, followed by 3 second half moon pose); or combining sound and movement (e.g. vibrate your lips while rolling your arms) .