educational coloring funBrush up your budding artist’s English skills by transforming a paint-by-numbers download into a a paint-by-part-of-speech. (Or rhyming words for the little ones.)

1. Download a paint by numbers drawing off the internet (this one came from

2. Import the image into an image editing program like Paint, Photoshop, etc.
Paint by Part-of-Speech example
3. Decide on the topics you’re going to work on. (We chose parts of speech for this example.) The number of topics needs to be the number of colors in the drawing (e.g. we selected 7 different types of parts of speech)

4. Assign each topic a color/number and type it into the legend

5. Type matching words on top of each number (e.g. doll = noun)

6. Erase the numbers from the drawing and from the legend

VOILA! Educational coloring fun for your little one.

Paint by Part of Speech