Lots of “new” things are coming up fast… new teachers, new classmates, new school clothes, new learning material, new afterschool activities. Why not help your kids to get their outside-of-school lives better organized with a new bedroom arrangement?

Starting with number smarts…
First, measure the width and length of each piece of furniture, then measure the room. Decide what base number will represent a foot on a piece of graph paper. Draw the boundaries of the room on a piece of graph paper, then make note of the window placement, door placement (and radius) on the sketch.

Moving on to picture smarts…
Cut out the footprint (length and width) of each piece of furniture. Move the pieces around and test out different arrangements of the furniture on the paper.

Finally, decide on a new furniture arrangement based on your paper layouts and use your body smarts to try it out!

back to schoolWill you need more storage space or a study nook? Plot out how much room you’ll need for the new pieces of furniture and start a “treasure hunt” at places appropriate for your budget. (Garage sales, thrift stores and craigslist often have great deals, as do a variety of other retailers during back-to-school!)

Is it time to trade out some of your old stuff with new items? You can use your logical-mathematical smarts and people smarts even more by holding a garage sale of your own!


Room Re-arrangement