Pop Quiz: How many cereal brands can your child name? How about fast food restaurants? Now ask him/her to name all the birds s/he can remember. There are probably just as many bird species in your neighborhood as fast-food brands, yet most 9 year old kids can only name two.

Help your child get in touch with their feathered friends by learning about the different bird calls/voices of your area’s native species. Then, go outside and see if s/he can distinguish each bird’s “voice”. Does your child hear more of one vs. another? Are there some birds that seem to be more talkative in the morning vs. midday vs. the evening?

EXTRA CREDIT: See if your child can mimic local bird calls. Can s/he strike up a “conversation” that brings the birds closer?

Nurtures Nature Smarts by Leveraging Musical Talents.

Sing Like a Bird