Have you sent your child's student snapshot to her new teacher yet?At Kidzmet, we believe that just as a pre-packaged product is not the ONLY way to cook a dish, nor the ONLY dish we should consume, we cannot continue to think about a pre-packaged standard of intelligence to which we all aspire.

Our goal in this blog is to help parents cultivate an appetite for learning in their kids by “feeding” them subject matter in a way that celebrates and embraces their learning preferences.

Our sincere hope is that you come to think of Kidzmet as the Joy of Cooking on your family’s learning bookshelf.

Not sure what your child’s multiple intelligence preferences are? Take 10 minutes to complete our free Pairing Portrait on Kidzmet.com and find out. (And discover his/her personality type and predominant cognitive style in the process!)

Welcome to Kidzmet’s Recipes for Success!