Tuesday, May 25, 2010 – Santa Barbara, CA – Parents, are your children stuck in a summer activities rut?  Are you searching for new activities and summer camps that will excite them?  Parents can try the Myers-Briggs Personality assessment on Kidzmet.com, to receive suggestion on the best activities they may not have considered based on their children’s personalities to help them thrive during the summer months.

Kidzmet.com is a new website that’s similar to Expedia for kids’ extracurricular activities, giving busy parents the ability to search and compare more than 3000 Central Coast class and camp options by distance, age, interest, day of week, and time of day, as well as rating and price per class.  A free Kidzmet parent membership offers a variety of additional benefits that include online enrollments in some classes, one-click messaging to local enrichment providers, carpool scheduling, homepage suggestions of nearby activities, and seeing if friends in their Kidzmet social network are considering or enrolled in a class right in the search results.  As an added benefit, parents can sync their Kidzmet calendars to their primary online calendars to stay on top of last minute game location changes, class details, etc.

The short Myers-Briggs assessment on Kidzmet.com helps parents understand more about how their child’s personality type affects their learning and play behaviors so that parents can enroll children in the classes and camps that will inspire and motivate them both during the summer and throughout the school year.  The assessment also highlights what to look for in an instructor that will mesh well with their child’s learning style. When a child’s dominant function and innate character strengths are encouraged by parents and teachers at an early age, children will flourish and be better positioned to compete in a 21st Century workforce.

Kidzmet.com is full of helpful assessments and information to help parents plan their children’s summer camps and extracurricular activities.  For more information, special last minute deals on summer activities, and tips on camps you may not have known existed, visit www.kidzmet.com, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kidzmet and http://twitter.com/kidzmet.

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Kidzmet.com Offers Unique Assessment That Recommends Children’s Summer Activities Based on Personality Type