Newly Launched Helps Parents Ensure Children Are Placed With the Optimal Teacher Next School Year

April 22, 2011 – Santa Barbara, CA – School administrators and guidance counselors from coast-to-coast are beginning to prepare class mixes for the 2011-2012 school year. For elementary-aged children, an in/compatible teacher can make or break the trajectory of their education not just for the next year, but all the way through high school., which launched in March, believes its Pairing Portrait can help ensure principals are armed with the information necessary to select the optimal teacher placement for each student next year.

“Personality matching has been used for decades in both dating and in Fortune 500 HR hiring evaluations. If this method has been used to successfully evaluate whether or not an employee would be a good fit for a COMPANY…why wouldn’t it be used by administration teams to determine whether or not a child would be a good fit for a particular CLASS?” says Kidzmet Founder, Jen Lilienstein, who believes there’s much more of an issue with teacher match than teacher quality in the United States.

Kidzmet’s Pairing Portrait not only evaluates a child’s personality type, it also assesses multiple intelligence strengths and cognitive style. Continues Jen Lilienstein, Kidzmet’s Founder, “I forwarded a PDF of my daughter’s Pairing Portrait to her school principal to make sure she’s NOT placed with an incompatible teacher next year. “In addition to ensuring that she’s placed in the best class for her personality, strengths and cognitive style, her Pairing Portrait will also help her teacher get to know her before the first day of school…and, as a result, be better prepared to welcome her into his or her classroom in September.”’s Pairing Portraits, matching service and personalize monthly newsletter–which focuses on ways that parents can expose children to different aspects of the whole child curriculum in a manner that embraces each child’s unique spirit–is a free service for families.

Santa Barbara, CA-based Kidzmet is the first website to use personality, innate talents and predominant cognitive style to match teachers, tutors and coaches with the students they were meant to teach. Its service, available in the United States from coast-to-coast, evaluates the connection strength of a teacher with an individual student in order to help parents pair kids with mentors that instinctively understand how to help each child’s seeds of potential blossom.

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