Getting bikes all gussied up, then parading around on two (or three) wheels with friends is one way to get both fine and gross motor skills moving this summer. And while parents are growing increasingly wary of letting kids play on the street (for good reason), there’s one place to hold a neighborhood bike parade that:
* is large enough for all the community’s kids to participate,
* EVERYONE can easily find, and
* that isn’t seeing much traffic this time of year…

Your Local Elementary or Middle School’s Parking Lot!

Whether you eVite your friends to participate tomorrow or next weekend, half the fun is decorating the bikes, so be sure to give your invitees some potential “bling” hints for the participating bikes. (Better yet, include a theme!!)

□ has some great bike bling patterns here. Just tape the pattern to some festive wrapping paper and cut along the outside or use white cardstock and have your kids embellish with paints, markers, ribbons, sequins, etc.

□ Crepe paper ribbon works well for wheel spoke weaves.

□ Add curling ribbon or balloons to the handle bars.

□ Carry favorite stuffed animals in bike baskets.

□ Got a musical kid? Put together the soundtrack on CD, then open all of your car windows and play it for the participants and onlookers.

□ Encourage guests to bring along noise makers or small instruments like harmonicas, recorders or bongos to add to the musical element.

□ Last but not least, don’t forget your hats or other head gear from the dress-up box!

Parking Lot Parade