Build on your child’s blossoming naturistic and visual intelligence to connect state nature and name.

Print out (or purchase) a good sized map of the United States, then decide which of the following to “map” on top of each state:

* state flower
* state tree
* state bird
* landmark

Print out favorite images of each and tape or glue them to the map. The natural image within context with of the shape of the state and placement on the map will help your naturalist child more easily remember which state is which (similar to how a melody can help a child recall of the names of all fifty states).

Extra credit: Talk about the meteorological reasons why each tree/bird/flower flourishes in each particular state. Ā (Humid? Sunny? Warm?) Would it flourish where you live? Why or why not?

Did your child enjoy this activity?

Make an even bigger game out of their new knowledge with this states and capitals challenge board game! Players move around a track of state flags surrounding a map of the U.S., capturing states by correctly identifying state capitals. Ownership of the states can be challenged by answering trivia questions relating to facts, landmarks, and state nicknames.

Remember Which State is Which? Naturally!