Painted artichoke in vaseIntroduce your kids to the visual natural masterpieces of Andy Goldsworthy. Then, go on an outdoor “explore” with your kids and your camera phone with the intention of creating your own natural mixed medium masterpieces.

As with Andy’s work, your kids can focus on whatever inspires them–stones, twigs, water, vegetables, bushes, branches, etc. “Glue” elements together with tar or sap. The only rule is that the sculpture has to be grounded in something you found in the nature in your neighborhood.

Photograph your favorites or photograph works-in-progress on your camera phone. When you get home, bring the outdoors in and upload the photos to your computer as a screen saver or desktop wallpaper. Better yet, upload them to a digital photo frame and repeat the activity as the seasons change and watch the resulting artwork shift along with the seasons.

Streams, Sculptures & Screens