The 8 Elementary Personality Types – An Introduction

The 8 Elementary Personality Types – An Introduction

article originally written for Lesson Planet by Jen Lilienstein Focusing on personality type in lesson planning increases classroom engagement and learning. When planning lessons for your class, what types of insights do you use to differentiate and personalize instruction for

Project Based Learning, Personality Type, and the 16 Habits of Mind

interpersonal intelligence AKA people smarts

This article was written by Jen Lilienstein and originally published on LessonPlanet As new brain research permeates educational insights, we are becoming increasingly aware that engagement and affectivity – long key components of many pedagogical constructs – are now being

Effective Breakout Groups for Long-Term Projects

effective breakout groups

Break Apart by Multiple Intelligence FIRST Place at least one child with a parallel preference in each of your breakout groups. E.g., for a history lesson, place a child with and intra- or interpersonal preference in each breakout group; for